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Prairie Garden July 2007

Prairie Garden July 2007

Butterfly - Hummingbird Garden July 2007

Butterfly - Hummingbird Garden July 2007


As I walk our gardens I am pleased with the feel generated about me. The butterfly – hummingbird garden is a splash of color. It is filled with pinks of phlox paniculata while the heliopsis stands tall in its summer yellow. The many colors of the hemerocalis make the garden have the effect that someone had splattered color here and there. 

Whenever I walk thru our prairie garden I feel a comfort with nature. A feeling that nature’s natural beauty has a soothing effect, yet provides a food source for the many birds and animals that visit regularly.

This past week I created some natural gardens with winding paths thru them for owners to enjoy on their lakeside home. While on their boat to view the gardens I pondered the thought, “which is the front door?” When creating curb appeal is the dock another form of a curb to their home?

Our pond on the 17th had a crash unexpectedly when a large branch from a walnut tree was blown loose. Crack, crash and ka-boom – landing right in our pond between an arbor and bench! I cut up the branches and pulled them out of the pond when I arrived home. Janet next day cleaned up the mess left all about and in our pond. She is a conscientious caretaker of our pond, and our koi appreciate all her matronly efforts.

Yesterday I started the layout of a memorial garden being installed for reflection of two loved ones. Of course stripping sod for the future courtyard fountain and bench in midst of colorful perennials is tedious and not one of my favorite chores. Yet I just think to myself the beauty being created with each section cleared.

May you find beauty and serenity as rewards to your labor in your gardens.

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